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Art of Transliness: Questions to Ask your Top Surgeon: The Anything and Everything Post


By now we’ve posted numerous articles on questions and concerns regarding top surgery, and have answered some of the more obvious questions surrounding this surgery, but what about those hard-to-answer-super-in-depth-almost-too-personal-but-you-need-to-know questions? You certainly don’t need to…

Some useful information for you guys.

"Gender Policing" and why it is not acceptable.

Now, what is gender policing? I will give my definition. It is when you basically feel like someone’s gender identity is incorrect, not real, a choice, makes no sense, etc. It is also when you voice these things to the person with said identity.

I am in quite a few FTM Facebook groups. In one in particular I have seen quite a few people bashing gender queer individuals, especially ones on HRT. They have even gone as far to say it is a “choice”. That these individuals are choosing to be non binary. That it doesn’t make sense, and they shouldn’t go on hormones. Then go farther to say more overall insulting things.

These are trans people themselves saying rude, ignorant, and inconsiderate things about another gender identity.

If someone were to say these things about binary trans men and women they would be beyond pissed off. They would be irked to no end, and they would say they were bigots and closed minded among other things.

So WHY is it okay to say these things about non binary trans people? It simply isn’t, and I don’t see their logic. Some people say they have been transitioning for awhile and this is just a new identity. But to be frank, at one point people would say the same thing about binary trans people, and a lot of people still do.

My question is, do you guys think this is okay? Why or why not? Have you seen people making these remarks?

In closing, if someone is doing something to their own body, that makes them more comfortable in their own skin, that isn’t harmful in general, and they know full well what they are getting into, why do you care, and how does it even effect you? I thought we as trans men and women were supposed to be accepting of gender identity. So why are some of us not so open to it?

My deepest apologies!

I am sorry for being inactive on the blog. I have had life to deal with, and believe it or not, Tumblr took the back seat! *Group gasp* ;)

I’ve had work, and need to get school set up (it’s online and I need to get my transcripts in order.) on the bright side, my place of work is beyond accepting of trans* individuals.

I said…
Me: Burger King doesn’t discriminate against transgender people, correct?
Manager: Oh hell no! We actually had another trans guy at another Burger King over there.

They immediately started using male pronouns and calling me by my preferred name. :)

I hope you all have a great night! I will possibly write a small article tonight on “gender policing”. I am feeling inspired.

changing4thegood asked:

I'm not a transgender but I realized there are barely any transgenders blogs on here. So thank-you. I have a page on Facebook for support of gays, lesbians, and trans, so ty cause I need images to help them out :)

I follow a few trans* related blogs here on Tumblr, but there aren’t quite as many as I would like to see. (Ones with useful, up to date resources and content.) I am glad you like the blog, and I am always striving to improve it and find helpful information for trans* individuals. :)



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